Job Hunting 101: Secrets to Getting Hired Quickly

Job Hunting 101: Secrets to Getting Hired Quickly

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This $1 webinar will teach you all the job hunting secrets that will get you ahead of the 40 million strong, job market competition and get you hired quickly.

  • The systems some of your favorite companies are using to sort through job applicants and how to get past the recruiting robots.
  • The elements of your resume that you need to remove and add to make a recruiter fall head over heels for you.
  • How Canva resume templates are why you're not hearing back from employers and instead what to do if you still want a visually appealing resume.
  • The ways in which LinkedIn can cut your job search in half and have recruiters sliding in your inbox.
  • ...and more. FOR JUST $1!

  • Just like many, Kevonna was laid off in April and signed a 6-figure job offer 30 days later, during a global pandemic.
  • Over 22 companies like Google, Disney, HBO, and many more, have slid into her inbox asking her to interview for jobs she didn't have to apply for.
  • As a Certified HR professional and Certified LinkedIn Expert, with a Master's degree in Human Resources and over 5 years of experience, she's helped over 100 people #gethired at companies like Netflix, Emory, and Blavity.

This $1 webinar is filled with everything your favorite career sites and resume writers won't tell you.